Bean soup & ham hock

Bacon, Broccoli and Potato Soup
June 17, 2023
Beef and Barley Soup
June 17, 2023



- The first step I started with was sorting the grains out of the gravel and then cleaning them under cold water.

- In the crock pot, I combined the washed beans with the onion, sea salt and pepper, plus the shank of ham or ham, which I had previously cut into large pieces.

- Next I added enough water to cover the beans by about 2 inches. This can yield approximately 6 to 8 cups.

Once done, I covered and cooked on high-low heat for about 120 minutes, then lowered the heat to low and continued cooking for an additional 4 to 5 hours, or until the beans were tender.

-Then I removed the pork stalks or hocks, and took out all the beef.

- After that I put the meat back in the pot and added the brown sugar at this point.

-I found it very helpful to drain about a cup of juice before putting in the brown sugar, depending on the thickness or fineness of the grains, and gently stirred everything to combine.

- And in conclusion, I preferred to pour some into individual bowls for serving!


Enjoy !

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